In the recent news, the hashtag #ImportedHakoomatNamanzoor (#امپورٹڈ_حکومت_نامنظور) is trending on Twitter on the national and global trends panel for more than two weeks now has developed an outstanding volume of over 100 million tweets and is “maybe the biggest trend ever”, stated a Twitter analytical tool.


Anti-Govt Hashtag #ImportedHakoomatNamanzoor Has been Used by 106,433,419 Tweets


According to Tweet Binder, by early Tuesday, 106,433,419 tweets had been sent using the #ImportedHakoomatNamanzoor hashtag, in Urdu rather than English, since its takeoff in the second week of April to speak about the government of the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) partnership which came into power by overthrowing the government of former prime minister Imran Khan via a vote of no-confidence on April 10.


Furthermore, Minister for Information and Broadcast Marriyum Aurangzeb had argued that the #ImportedHakoomatNamanzoor hashtag used by the people to rebuke the purported foreign conspiracy to overthrow the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) government — was instigated by the party and has since been advertised by automated accounts, often referred to as bots.


Tweets in Favor of Imran Khan Were Generated Through Bots


“Tweets were generated through bots. We have their Twitter handles. The ongoing campaign using faceless Twitter accounts and handles will not only be ended but FIA (Federal Investigation Agency) will also be involved. There is zero tolerance for this,” she told a press conference last week. After her comment, the counter-terrorism wing of the agency established a crackdown on social media activists that it believed were involved in what she announced as a smear campaign against institutions.


But PTI MP and former climate minister Zartaj Gul disagree. “This is the consolidated voice of Pakistanis protesting over the foisted imported dummy government [sic] of literally criminals that has been imposed on the public,” she tweeted.


In addition to this, Imran Ghazali, former head of the Digital Media Wing stated, “History is being made, you cannot stop the voices of [the] people of Pakistan, it will only get louder and louder.”


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