Twitter is shutting down the newsletter publishing platform it acquired in January 2021, Revue. The founder, Martijn de Kuijper, confirmed the development saying that the platform will shut down on 18th Jan and all data will be deleted; he added, “This has been a hard decision because we know Revue has a passionate user base, made up of people like you.” The decision came a day after former Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey, took to Revue to talk about Twitter files; he said, “As for the files, I wish they were released Wikileaks-style, with many more eyes and interpretations to consider. There’s nothing to hide…only a lot to learn from.”

Twitter Acquired Revue Amid Boom for Newsletters

In 2021, Twitter acquired Revue for an undisclosed sum as the demand for newsletters increased during the pandemic. Twitter had made Revue’s premium features free for yeh users and, at that time, said that it would lower the paid newsletter fee to help writers retain more of the revenue generated from subscriptions.

Revue’s founder said that subscriptions will be set to cancel at the end of their billing cycle, which is 20th December, in order to prevent subscribers from being charged once the platform goes off the radar. He added, “We want to remind you that it is your responsibility to adhere to any applicable laws, rules and regulations in connection with your subscriber list and other data we share with you, and Twitter has not obtained permission for you to use subscriber information for any purpose.”

Expanding the Character Limit

For people worried about Revue going away – as it used to help writers monetize their Twitter following by integrating their newsletters directly into the Twitter timeline – there are confirmed reports that Twitter is working on expanding the character limit from 280 to 4,000. Elon musk responded in affirmation to one of the Twitter users asking, ‘Elon is it true that Twitter is set to increase the characters from 280 to 4000.’

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